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Kids and glasses – what to take into account when buying kids glasses?

Kids and glasses – what to take into account when buying kids glasses?

Children and glasses - what to look out for when buying children's glasses?

Vision is an important sense. Around 90% of our impressions are perceived through the eyes. A child's healthy development and many other factors, such as the choice of a future career, depend to a large extent on healthy vision. But not all boys and girls see well.

In order for vision problems to be treated effectively, it is important to detect them at an early age. There is only a certain window of time in which the brain can be imprinted with vision. That window lies in the first six to seven years of life. If the brain does not process enough sharp visual impressions during this time, for example due to certain eye diseases, it cannot learn to see fully - even if it is treated. There is a risk of permanent problems.

Again: it is important to detect problems with vision at a young age.

Mild farsightedness is considered normal in young children and weaknesses in vision can be due to genetics. It is important that from the age of a baby, through adolescence to adulthood, visual acuity is checked regularly by an ophthalmologist or optician in order to identify, if necessary, not only a defect in vision in the sense of myopia or hypermetropia, which can be compensated with suitable children's glasses.

Wearing glasses - related to age?

It is a fact that older people need to wear spectacles much more often than younger people. However, it is not true that the onset of low vision is age-related. Even babies can suffer from it. If the eye is not optimally developed, poor vision can occur. And this can even happen as a baby.

Until a few years ago, it was assumed that nearsightedness, for example, usually developed around the time a child entered school. Since myopia, in particular, develops in childhood, it has now been proven that this assumption is incorrect. In any case, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stop myopia in adulthood, because the digital age with its countless screens is also taking its toll on our eyes.

What else should I look for before buying glasses online?

Fun, colourful spectacles may be the first requirement for children to accept, but in the end it's all about the eyes and vision. To protect our children's eyes, we should also favour children's glasses with plastic or polycarbonate lenses. Plastic lenses have the advantage over real glass that they do not shatter.

How can I convince my child to wear glasses?

This question is asked by many parents, but it is relatively simple to answer. If the new foreign object feels uncomfortable on the child's face, there is a danger that it will quickly end up in the corner, never to be worn again. The right fit of children's glasses is crucial. Not only because children naturally like to play, run and have fun; the 'fun factor' would be jeopardised by glasses constantly slipping off.

It should also be noted that young children cannot be expected to make rational decisions. Wearing glasses is much more emotional for children than for adults. This is why children - whether boys or girls - are easier to convince if they really like the glasses. Patience is particularly important when buying spectacles for the first time, and it is best if the child helps decide. After all, the more he or she likes the glasses, the more they will be worn.

Therefore, as a parent, plan enough time to buy spectacles and also show your child a few pairs of fashion spectacles, as this increases the likelihood that there is a frame that even a stubborn boy or a shy girl would like to wear. In any case, you should not rush to make sure that the right choice of spectacles also creates a positive attitude towards the new accessory.

The optimal spectacle frame for children

Finding the right spectacles for toddlers, spectacles for children or spectacles for teenagers is certainly no easy task. One of the hurdles is the development of the face, which also includes the growth of the bridge of the nose. In young children, this is not yet so pronounced, which requires an individual fit. In addition, the bridge of the nose in children is more sensitive than the stable nasal bone in adults, because this bone takes many years to develop fully. To avoid uncomfortable pressure at this point, a nose pad that fits well and is softly padded is recommended.

Meanwhile, there are spectacle frames in every conceivable design. Sporty, fashionable or classic, monochrome or colourful, with frame or without - you will find the right frame for children's glasses for every type. When making your choice, pay particular attention to the fit and materials.

  1. Frame material: The most suitable materials for spectacles are plastic and metal. They are particularly sturdy and flexible, which means they can take a beating. Rubber is also a sturdy yet flexible material that is perfect for teenagers' glasses. Suitable materials for children's frames are acetate lenses and metal lenses. These are particularly sturdy and flexible.

  2. A good fit: the bridge of the nose and the temples are crucial for a good fit of the glasses. Nasal cushions made of silicone rather than plastic take up residence firmly and comfortably on the bridge of the nose, even when sweating or exercising. The glasses should not be too narrow and should have flexible hinges to make them more secure. All this to ensure that the glasses fit properly. A large contact area on the bridge of the nose distributes the weight of the frame evenly and prevents slipping and unpleasant pressure points.

  3. The size of the spectacles: the lenses, including the frame, should not be wider than the face. Basically, compact frames are easier to handle for teenagers and are usually more stable too. However, the lenses should not be too small, so that the wearer can see comfortably in all directions when wearing the stylish spectacles!

Whether you are looking for glasses for girls or boys, we are sure to have a suitable pair. You can easily order your new glasses online.

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